In Chun Eng's words...

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What a bloody morning

Tuesday, Nov. 29th, 2005: This morning can be nominated the worst I've ever had in all times. I know I'll vote for it.

My alarm was turned off. It's either someone turned it off or I've accidently turn it off yesterday. I should had checked before I went to bed. So, naturally I overslept this morning. Got up at 7.30... that's also after I father woke me up. For that moment, I hoped that I won't be late. I wished I'm not going to be. Wonder if there's anyone who's super-early to work on it's first day, and late on the 2nd. Perhaps I can be nominated for the "Oddest New Staff" award.

Just as things seems bad enough, it got worst. By the time I reached the LRT, it seems packed. That's normal... but the not very normal thing are the trains. 8-9 trains headed towards the KJ station, but only 3 trains came towards KL... which was my direction. Everyone waited, and waited, and waited. By the time each train got to my station, it was all full. Made me miss all 3. I'm late... I'm very late.

Finally, the 4th came, got in but it was so packed. People are standing millimeters away. Imagine how close we are. Saw Choy Wun from the distance. Can't speak much... otherwise we'll be talking across the train. Once got down, I rushed to my office... it's another 15-20 minutes walk.

Reached office at 8.35am. Whew..... in a nick of time. Good to know that there's others who's later. Hehehehe

the very first

Monday, Nov. 28th 2005: It was a new day, a new frontier, a new voyage. Reached at my company's HQ early and waited until I met with the HR personnel. After some briefing, headed to my company nearby.

The first day was fine. Nothing major or interesting. Need to pick up more on dot Net. Need to learn Source Safe as well.... this should be interesting. Hurray for there's something new to learn... yer... it doesn't seem easy. Hopefully I'll the hang of it soon.

When I first arrived, I was introduced to everyone in the company. Imagine shaking over 50 hands and this hasn't include those on MC or away on a business trip. Thank god my hand did not break. Hey... I' strong.

About the company and the staffs, here's the more interesting part. The office is higher decorative. Almost everyone will have their cubicle decorated. The gals will have dolls and teddys. Others will have photos and posters. Some CNY decos was left there... not removed. Hehehe.... can feel lots of harmony. In the old company, it's much more professional in the looks but not the feel.

Let's hope things will get better.

Some Extra:
It was also my first time getting stuck in a lift.. but it was only for a few sec. Happened when we were coming down for lunch.... yer... scary. And my office net connection can break down sometimes.... haih... maybe because it's an old building.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Is it me or is it them?

For the past 2 weeks, I've been getting around 3-4 phone calls from various companies asking me to attend an interview. It's not that I'm annoyed by it but I applied for some of that jobs weeks if not months ago. Only lately they call me up. I should be flattered that they called me but I can't help to wonder, is my resume so unattractive that it did not catch their attention or are they just slow and inefficient?

Since I've already accepted an offer, I don't see the point of even meeting them for the interview. Who knows how long are they going to take before decided to hire me. If I wait, I could be unemployed once I leave my current company since I've already resigned. Furthermore, I'll be joining another company next week.

Then again, I really wonder what would happen had I decided to attend their interview. Could I be getting a better deals. It's possible, or it may be worse. Would their working environment be better? Again, it's possible. How nice would it be if we can make some predictions about the near future. Then we can at least know what to expect from it.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Another typical boring at day at office

Surprisingly, I was going around hunting for bugs in the office. I must'd be mad. Programmers hate bugs. Bugs are no good. Bugs are bad. Bugs are irritating. Bugs are evil. Evil evil evil. Yet... I was testing out my modules to find them. Help... I'm getting mad. But how come I can't find any while my other colleagues manage to find a few... am I that bad of a system tester??? I really do not know.

Worse, today whole cold due to the rain yesterday afternoon and night. Put on my jacket also not enough. Had to turn off the air-con. From 4 becomes 3, 3 becomes 2. The room where it usually needs 4 air-con running to cool us, now are freezing us to a slow death instead.

Anyway, there's another logic error which sometimes happen, sometimes not. Aarrggghhh..... how am I going to find out the cause of it. Stupid bugs. I hate you I hate you I hate you. Then finally, at 6pm, I'm off. Wow.... I've never leave my office ontime before... hahaha.

Relaxing Sunday

Sunday, Nov 20 2005: The day was kind of hot. Woke up late since I have nothing much to do in the morning. Furthermore, slept later than usual last night, so waking up late was justifiable.

Later in the afternoon managed to watch 2 A1 Grand Prix race, both won by French drivers. Almost as exciting as F1 Grand Prix but don't quite understand their rules. After the race, it started to drizzle...yaye. Time to sleep. ZZZZzzzzz

Got up just in time for dinner. After that, went out with Wai Liong to Sec. 14 to yam char. He just came back from a date with a leng lui..... hhhmm... the way he describe her..... whao...make me jealous ar..... hehehe. Says the sushi dinner is not filling. Chated until near midnight. Got home, surf abit then went to bed. That time was almost 1.30am already, but on the bed, was rolling round and round. Can't sleep. Look at alarm clock, 2.30am. Shit... should never drink tea at night anymore.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

Saturday, Nov 19th. Having slept late the night before, I was expecting myself to wake up late this morning. At 8 this morning, got waken up by a technician repairing one of room's my malfunction electricity plug. Turned out, there was nothing wrong with it. It was my house's fuse box. It was completely burnt. Most of the fuse is not functioning and was advised to change the 30-something years old fuse box. The technician may come again tomorrow.

During the whole time, I wasn't fully awake. My dad was there the whole time so I continued my sleep. Then, at about 10.30am, I was awaken by my niece's cry. Got kind of angry and I got up to get her to stop (I'll skip the details). By now, I can no longer go back to sleep. So I had my breakfast and read the newspapers. Then got a SMS reply from a friend whom I've sent a Birthday wish the night before. Wow... took a very long time receive a reply from my friend... grrr....

Completed tasks which I've procrastinated for some time. Then, went out with my mom to buy lunch. After lunch, a few relatives visited. There were 3 generations of guest. My mom's aunt, her aunt's daughter(her cousin) and her cousin's daughter(literally my cousin lar). They had wanted to see my brother because they did not visit him when he was in the hospital after his surgery. After they left at about a quarter past 3, my energy seems to have been drained due to lack of sleep. So I took a afternoon nap, which I've not taken for a very long time by the way. Had a wonderful sleep throughout the heavy cold rain. Wonderful.

Woke up when it's almost dinner time. That time it rained again. Went to 1-U with some friends to watch Zorro 2 after that. Show started a 9pm. Learnt that Father in Spanish is called "Papi" . Quite hillarious if you ask me. Really worth my time and money watching it. Got home by midnight and is now typing out this post. Now going to sleep already. YYaawwnnnn..........

Tiring Friday

Friday, Nov 18th. Reached the office barely on time. Felt sleepy and tired. Was practically staring in front of my PC for quite some time. When I finally gained my steam, the power broke down. No electricity. It was already close to noon by then. After some dili-deli and rejoicing and joking among ourselves, a colleague called our boss, and he told us to have an early lunch but no extension.... darn. We drove to SS2 for lunch, at the restaurant opppsite KFC.

By then time we got back, power was restored. Darn, how I wish we could have a half day off... sniff sniff. After lunch, I was feeling really restless not able to focus on my work and I was still tired. No idea why. Worse, no Internet. So I can't surf a while to keep myself busy. That was of course until someone found a bug in one of my module and that kept me busy the whole afternoon. Still, I practically couldn't work. I don't know why, but this has never happened before. This is definately not because it's a Friday and that I can relax myself the during the weekend. Somehow, I just couldn't focus.

At night was surfing the Net and was reading my friends' blog until my line failed me again... as always. Found out that Jacob was writing something about me. Here's the post. Then after that I watched a few movies on TV.

By then, it was already midnight. Found myself not able to sleep though I was dead tired. So I decided to watch a VCD. Watched "Meet the Fockers". This movie is an old movie but I never watched it so I took the chance tonight to finally watch it. It was quite a comedy. After the movie, I finally went to bed at around 4 in the morning.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Going back to the old days

It's the 3rd day of the holiday and the past 3 days has been quite a difficult and boring one.... as always. While cleaning my room I actually found some of my old games, so since yesterday I've been playing them, the most being the ever exciting Street Fighter 2. Then there was also Mario Brothers, Xenon II as well as Monopoly, the board game. These has brought me back to my olden days actually... hehehehe... kinda missed my childhood days where there's no worries, no fuss and all chill.

So there goes, my entertainment for the past 3 days and my holidays thus far. Not to forget I also watched some movie... some very old, some not so old. Some in VCD while some on TV.