In Chun Eng's words...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Seems like I will never learn

Why am I repeating the same bloody mistake over and over again? Why can't I be more careful? Why am I so careless? It wasn't the first time, yet, the more I want to remind myself not to repeat the mistake, the more mistakes I make it seems!!! Why, oh why???!!!

You guys must'd be wondering what happened. So here's the story.

Last Tuesday morning (Aug 29 2006... yes this happened a long time ago) I went to have my passport done. I needed it urgently, and must have it complete ASAP. So I took a leave that day, and left my house around 7am to Shah Alam's Immigration Dept at Wisma PKNS. I wanted to go early to avoid the jam and long queue. I took my bro along because he knows the way better than I do. Everything seems to have turned out fine at first. I was out early and here wasn't jam at all. But so I thought. Little did I realise, my nightmare has just begun.

I was already after the Subang toll when I suddenly realised... I left EVERYTHING at home. Yes!!! Everything. My already expired passport, my application form, my birth certificate... it's totally a stupid mistake. A blunder which I absolutely shouldn't have made. And because of this, I had to make a U-turn back home. And another problem began. The jam's starting. And this was where I began to panic liau. Dunno how long will this gonna take. And it's only 7.30am. Gosh!!!

Fine, after returning home to collect my stuff, return on my journey to Shah Alam which of course, means joining back in the jam. But once I passed the Subang toll, the traffic is quite smooth already. Yeah, more folks are driving towards KL, not Shah Alam, not Klang.

Anyway, once I got to the place, the queue isn't that long. But I had to wait for about 20 people which took me around 2 hours before coming to my turn, 15 minutes to process my application, and another 30 minutes of waiting to pay for the passport. Man, these people are really inconsistent. When my bro applied for it more than a year ago, there wasn't any questions asked of him. But to me, the Officer actually did not believe the height I put, which as was 165 cm and asked me to measure again at the scale. It shows 165, and asked me how thick my shoe sole was. I got quite annoyed and said, just put 164 for more accuracy which she did.

Man, my bro put 168 cm and was never questioned and he is only about 1-2 cm taller than me. How can.... How, how can.. ?

So finally, after making payment, it was time to go home. So happended, there was a new voters registration counter there, so my bro and I both registered ourselves so we can now have a say during the next general election. Oh and another thing, I nearly lost my way home. Luckily my bro's been around that area for during his training so he could 'kinda' recognise the roads.