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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Formula 1 disaster

It's happening again and I think it'll happen again this season. What I meant by that you may wonder. I'm referring to McLaren's engine reliability problem again. During the last race in San Marino, Kimi Raikkonen was leading the race until his engine failed him. What a pity. I had anticipated that he'll win the race and hopefully win the title. Somehow I just don't like Alonso winning the title but I'm glad Ferrari is struggling this season. But don't get me wrong, I'm no McLaren fan....least not a die-hard one.

And tonight, the same thing happened to McLaren again. Only this time it's Montoya with the engine failure....another sad day for McLaren. Luckily Raikkonen's car is strong enough for him to win tonight at Hungary and Alonso finished without any point, a sweet revenge for Raikkonen....yaye!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The trend is back...

The trend is back. When one person has it, the rest will too. Go check out yours...

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Nature's great powers...

Recently I've realised how great nature is when I saw the pregnant stray cat around my house. Her movement is as if she wasn't pregnant at all. She was able to jump around, chasing birds etc as usual and my mom saw her catching a small birdie and that she was chewing it, crushing it's hard-skull head and beak in the process.

So I thought, when pregnant woman, who like us humans has the ability to think and care for others, cannot be jumping around like those animals. Otherwise there would a chance for miscarriage. They have to also take care of their body and eating habits. Probably this is to balance ourselves with the environment.

My conclusion is: As we humans have great ability to think, our fate depends on our actions while the animals depends on the environment and the power of nature.

Any comments...???

Friday, July 08, 2005

London Bomb Blast

Yesterday there has been 6 bomb blast all around London based on what I read in the news. Nope, not 1 but six, all at public places. At first I thought it was a revenge by some after London won the Olympic 2012, but it seems the suspected terrorist attack is actually against the G-8 summit.

Sometimes I wonder, if they hated the summit so much, why not blast the area or kill those so called important officials instead of hurting the civilians. So far, all those who's injured are those innocent civilians who may be objecting the summit just as much.

Those idiot terrorist are doing their 'publicity' stunt at the wrong areas. During the 911 incident, carshing into the Pentagon in my opinion is quite a good attack against the enemy (but that does not mean they're doing the right thing) but on the Twin Tower, well, it's way off the target. Again, why are they hurting and killing those innocent people, losing precious lifes in the process? What's playing in their mind...I really wonder???

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Been seeing this in many bloggers' site, so I decided to have a look. And this is the result...(kind of liked the result, muahahahaha) :0Þ

You Are From Saturn (LOL, thank god...not Satan)

  • You're steady, organizes, and determined to achieve your dreams.
  • You tend to play it conservative, going by the rules (at least the practical ones).
  • You'll likely reach the top. And when you do, you'll be honorable and responsible.
  • Focus on happiness. Don't let your goals distract you from fun!
  • Don't be too set in your ways, and you'll be more of a success than you ever dreamed of.

Note: I did not copy the actual display of the result because the table and image that comes with it disaligns my whole blog and I have absolutely no idea why it is happening.