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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stary stary night... no more

I noticed lately whenever I looked up the skies at night. You don't see stars anymore. Just the moon. Even that is only when the timing is right. I guess I was fortunate when I saw a full moon 2 days ago.... and that was like... ages since I last saw it.

Anyway, the stars... so how come I haven't been able to see them? Were they blocked by the thick poluted clouds? Or have they 'floated' too far away from Earth for us to see them again?

It's always nice to be able to see the stars filling up the sky instead of just an empty vacumn up above.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

How was my new year getting?

Not quite sure how I should put it. Smooth or bumpy, I can't really tell. My workload is getting heavier by the day. We now have a few projects running almost simultaneously.

Not sure if it's just me, but when projects come, it'll all come at the same time. Otherwise, nothings. Back in August/September, I was so free in the office that I could leave the moment the clock hits 5.30pm. And my mom would wonder why I'm home early.

But now, late nights are becoming a norm again. Although reaching home at 10, 11 at night is nothing new, but on a consistent basis? Funny she hasn't complained of the late nights. But thankfully enough, there's still play besides work

Christmas and New Year was a period filled with activities.

In late December, my company organised our own badminton tournament. And as always, I lost. Regretted taking part in 2 events, the men's double and mix double. It was such a killer. Was so tired by the end of the day. Mostly so because the mix double event plays in the league format.

Anyway, I looking forward to something in 2008 from my company... getting my hands on SAP. Yes, we're implementing SAP. We already had our pre-Kickoff but it's probably gonna be till June before we can go live with it.

SAP will be a new area my company is venturing into. Even a team has already been set up to manage the implementation and probably future projects for the clients.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

On my way to Hokaiddo

Yup... will be travelling to Hokaiddo today.

This is how the schedule is going to be:

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