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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS

Attended my first ever orchestra concert held in the Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS, KLCC.

Last night's concert was known was Chamber Concert but I wonder what that means.

There was 2 groups of performers. The first group consist of 3 violinist and 1 cellist, of which 2 of the violinist are Asian girls while the other 2 are white men.

The music choice of the night was the slow and a little gentle type, the type which can easily put you to sleep if you got yourself too comfortable and the pieces has lots of repetitive scores, which can be boring at times.

But the back rest is a little hard for comfort and to low that it you can't rest your neck. I guess they want to ensure that you won't fall asleep during the performances.

But I would thoroughly enjoyed even more had there's been a glass of drink, preferbly wine or liqour, and a sofa for me to lie on. And that would have been total enjoying of life. Hahaha...

Perhaps I might consider creating a sound-prove music room when I have my own house in the future.

Back on the performance, I can't help but to notice one of the girls playing the violin. I thought she has much more body movement compared to the rest which I thought was a little exaggerated. But nonetheless, this was quite a good group.

The 2nd group played a more hyper form of musics but I still can't help but to wonder who could a person could actually sleep through their performance, which some guy behind me did. He even started to snore a little.

I thought this group was a little unprofessional at the start of their show for fine-tuning their instruments just before they play, right on stage. This group has got a Chinese girl playing the grand piano and 4 other white men, 3 of which played the violin while the other white man played the cello.

Overall this group was better but one of the violinist had at times, played the violin out of tune.
But for the RM10 ticket, you kind of expect that this isn't the best group of musicians the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra has to offer.

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  • Well about the fine-tuning portion...

    Many did that on stage too... but not infront of Audience haha...

    By Anonymous candidman, at 10 March, 2009 22:09  

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