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Monday, February 23, 2009

School Song

Just read my friend's blog and it was so happen a long delayed post about her gathering with her primary school friends and she posted our school song (we were from the same primary school but she's way my senior).

I then become 'semangat' to post my BB school song.
So here it is, the English version:

B-B-B-S ever,
We would pledge to thee,
All our high endeavour,
With all our loyalty,
May thy star grow brighter,
May thy fame increase,
May this glorious chorus never never cease,

Here we strive for honour,
Here we seek for truth,
Learn to help the weaker,
With the strength of our youth,
Of the highest wisdom,
Let our watch-word be,
Without God before us all is vanity.

I think I'll just skip the Malay version... haha
This post can perhaps be considered a continuation of this post - BB is 50.

And since the primary school lyrics was already posted, I'll just link this to her site.

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