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Monday, June 25, 2007

Some differences

Gheesh... meant to write this sooner. Anyway, last Friday, I was suddenly dragged into an unexpected meeting and without me knowing what was the agenda. When I was called in, I thought they needed some assistance or help with my area of expertise. Haha :D

Little did I knew that it was the company Sports Club committee meeting. So, I now found myself the 'sukarelawan terpaksa', elected into the committee. Fortunately I was assured by the president that there won't be much workload. 10 minutes later, we all had a Japanese class, taught by one of our Japanese colleague.

My first lesson... weee... it was fun but it was actually the 2nd lesson. Will try to get the previous lesson notes. Learnt some sentences (but can't seem to remember the lines). There'll be more classes to come.

Shitsurei shimasu.... which means "Thank you and goodbye".

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lost in translation

Today I found out that the Japanese anime, Fruit Basket, is now shown on TV but it's the translated version. Somehow, cartoons and animes always sound best when it's in its original language.... which is English for the cartoons, and Japanese for animes.

These days, while I still enjoy some cartoons/animes, it just do not sound the way it used to with all the translations. The coordination sucks, the voices are terrible, and it's lost all the feel, humour and excitement of the cartoons/animes. Furthermore, certain parts are usually censored, and I reckon that it's either because the censorship board finds it obscene, or to spare some airtime for the advertisements.

Anyway, going back to Fruit Basket, in today's episode, Tohru found out about Momiji's age, that he's actually around her age while she'd always thought that he's just a little child. For those who have watched it, you'll know what happened. For those who did not, try watching it and find out yourself :P

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's so bloody hot

Wah!!!!! The past 2 days the weather have been a killer. It felt as if I'm in a microwave. The heatwave is killing me. Can't really take the heat. I wonder what's the temperature like right now?


Thursday, June 21, 2007

I wanna sleep

I can't sleep. I have no idea why. I actually slept at 11pm last night. But somehow, I woke up at 2.30am this morning. Since I could not sleep, I decided to surf the net a little. Maybe read some blogs. Now, it's already 3.30am and I'm still feeling fresh. I hope I don't feel like a zombie later when I go to work.

I WANT MY SLEEP!!!!! I NEED MY SLEEP!!!!! Aaarrrggghhhhh......!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The selection

This year, the selection coincide with this event. So it's a competition-cum-selection.
The setup. On the left is the sparring mat. On the right is the competition carpet. Both events were held together.

Me and my juniors. These are only part of our team.

This time, there is no gold medal to show. I competed in 2 events and only managed both silvers. Lost both events to my junior, who was fresh from the National U18 Championship in Seremban few days earlier. In the hand pattern event, there were 24 participants, many of which were competing only for exposure. In the short weapons event, there were 12 of them.

I think my chance of getting a place in the state team for the National Championship later this year now seems a little gloomy unless things turns out my way but I was still nonetheless, happy with my performance, especially when my first real practise was on the competition day itself.

I came home with my whole body aching. Ouch... and it still hurts.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Another day

I kind of made a wasted trip to the arena today as my events were all scheduled for tomorrow, and one of the 2 being the first event tomorrow morning. I am no. 2 in the list. Good... the sooner I get them done with, the better. But that would also mean I have to wait until all participants completes their routine before I can know the final standing. And there's 24 names registered. I do hope some would pull out, making the list shorter and less time to wait as well.

Wonder what will I be expecting tomorrow?

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Selection time

So yeah... I'll be taking the carpets in a few hours time. And it just past midnight. I should be sleeping already by now, but here I am typing this post. I wonder how would be environment be this time?

Anyway, this time the selection will be held in MABA Stadium, just beside Wisma OCM, KL. Got to reach there by 8... sigh... got to get some sleep

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

My new company

So yesterday was my first day in my new company. My first day, and I've already joined my team to be stationed in Cyberjaya for the month.... then back to PJ office next month and back again to Cyberjaya a month later. The rotation goes on.

Since it's a local company headed by Japanese, it'll only natural that work is work, play is play. So that means, no listening to music, no chatting and no surfing at work. Internet usage is allowed but it's monitored. So, no one uses the Internet unless it's work related. Japanese likes quiet and neat environment. So that also means, decorating your cubicle is limited. Well, not that I bothered, but the girls in my previous company actually decorated their cubicles with dolls, postcards, photos etc.

Late comers will be punished in some way and it'll be listed on the notice board (I've seen the list), not doing your duty according to the support duty roaster will also face the music (will elaborate more in the future). Late submission of claims will not be entertained and anything you do or request requires multiple level of approval, from your supervisor all the way up to the senior management or the MD if necessary. And these are all documented. Unlike the Chinamen companies I've worked in, everything here has got it's policies and procedures to follow. In a way, it keep things organised but definately not as flexible as my past companies.

But on the other hand, the Sports Club have activities every month, coupled with weekly activites. So far, I only know they have badminton and jogging sessions every week. First session of the bowling tournament was just over, and the 2nd session is coming for those who was not around or has not participated in the first session. And I heard there's a few jokers (aka fai chai) in the company as well... just that they're now overseas for projects.

And every week, the admin will list who ever's turn to speak in the sharing session. Topics can be of anything. Food, technologies, leisure, sports etc. Sort of a public speaking kind of thing and every one will gather around to listen to you. This is a huge change of culture and environment though. Totally different from past companies.

OK...enough about the company. Will talk about my job some other time ;0)

Oh and btw, to my college classmates, Geok Bin is now my colleague and she's been working there for a year already, but in a different team.

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