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Saturday, February 23, 2008

hey enough already!!!!

Interruptions... that's what I've been getting these days at work. While there were lots of things and problems and issues waiting for me to solve, I can't really spend my time solving each one of them when I kept being interrupted.

And worse... when I'm actually attempting the problems, I'm most likely to be diverted into a few minor issues before reaching the main issue...

Yeah.... programme bugs are like a colony of ants. You kill the queen, you kill the colony.... only thing is that in programming, it's usually the other way around.

And seriously man, my team's very short of programmers. Wonder when that somebody will come rescue me a little.... it's not that I can't handle all those tasks.... if only I could spend time concentrating.

Now.... the best time to work on my work is when? After office hours and on Saturdays. That's the only time right now that I could something done. Gosh...

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chap Goh Meh

Yea... so it came and gone. Today is already the last day of CNY. Time to count my angpows and then keep them into my piggy.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Caught a Big Rat

This morning found out an exciting news. My house caught a rat. A big rat. A rat the size of my palm. Minus the tail, it is easily 8 inches long and about 3 inches high.

Sadly, I didn't take any photo this morning. My mom was so happy after tolerating its menace for months.

Finally, this menace came to its end. Hahaha...

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

A disastrous Lunar New Year eve

So it was the eve for the Chinese New Year. It was supposed to be a happy ending for the year but unfortunately, things struck the way it was unexpected.

Was supposed to stay in the office until 7.30pm as I was on duty yesterday. Just before lunch time, the management annouced that those who are not too busy with work can leave after lunch.

So many had left. A few chose to stay to complete some more work. Then, the unexpected happened - a power trip. The whole building suffered a blackout.

Fine... although I lost all my unsaved work, I can still do the whole thing again. But as I was on duty, I still had to stay back until 7.30pm in case the power was restored before that.

After a while waiting, my colleague and I got bored waiting so we went out for a drink. At that time, the lifts were still powered, and there were still lights there.

But when we returned at 6pm, it was complete darkness. We even had trouble climbing the stairs and our only source of light was from our mobile phone.

Then after, we waited, and waited and waited until power was finally restored just before 7pm. By then, no more mood to work. Just waiting to lock up and go home.

Oh... and to everyone, Happy Chinese New Year. May you enjoy a wonderful year in the year of a rat.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's becoming a habit

Because I've been working late for the past, god knows how long... and now, I found it a little odd when I actually get to leave my office early. I've completed most of my urgent modules, so I a little more 'free' lately.

That allowed me to go home early. But the thing is, it felt funny. I would keep wondering, what else I've not done. Did I forget anything? I became worried that I had left work unattended or uncompleted. So everytime when I leave, I would try to check through my work to see what else is left.

It's becoming a habit already, that I can't go home early in a peace of mind.

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