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Monday, March 20, 2006

1st Year: Part 2

Looking back into what I've done or achieved career-wise, I would say, it's invaluable. From my first job, I did DataWarehousing and Business Intelligence application. 2 of this goes hand-in-hand and I'd say, applications like this does have it's value in the market. Companies using such softwares can be assured to be big. I must admit, 7 months of experience in this area is like comparing the age of After Christ with the age of earth. Then again, my knowledge can be useful in future projects should I encounter another BI applications. But you may ask me, why leave then? Why not stay longer to learn more?

Firstly, the language used to develop the application is rare. Mention the name, and everyone will say, "What's that? Never heard of it". So will this make me more valuable? You tell me. Furthermore, I just can't see myself progressing in that company regardless of how much potential the company may be. Then again, OODBMS, which we were using, is really something new in the whole IT industry and the future is yet to be seen. (Note, I mentioned that the application has got great potential, just that I can't see nor predict the worth of the language used and OODBMS.)

In my next and current company, I'm beginning to learn how larger organisations carry out their work and task. Development wise, I still lack experience and indepth knowledge of the language and tools used. There's a bit more red tape but has more standard in their work. They even implemented programmes that will help protect our codes from overwritten by your colleagues (something which happens many many times in my previous company), and also programmes that will help you keep track of your work and pending issues to be solved.

Smaller companies, on the other hand, doesn't seem to care about workflows and processes. They just want to get things done. However, while you will learn more better working processes in larger companies, you tend to learn more in smaller companies in the earlier stage of your career because you'll be involved in almost every task there is. So larger companies doesn't necessarily mean better working life.

As some of you may already have known, I've been looking to do things that will bring me additional incomes. I've thought of looking for some part time jobs during the weekends eversince I've started working. It was not successful because there hasn't been effort in looking for the job.

Programmers like me don't work on weekends, especially in my previous company. There isn't any projects to rush because we develop our own product, unlike my current company where I've been going to the office even on Sundays lately to rush on projects. So it is understandable that I've got the time to work on weekends then. Now, my office has become my first home and my home is only where I sleep. This seems suffering to many, but it is great when you're enjoying your work. While it is important to enjoy what we do, it is also equally important to make a life, not a just living.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

1st year

March 9 marks the completion of my first year working in the corporate world and to tell you the truth, it's been quite an enjoyable one. I can't say life's been a good one as I still have to work to earn a living. But it's still good nonetheless, depending how you view life. My working experience has been mostly ups rather than downs though I can't deny there isn't any downs.

After 1 year of working, lots of things I've learnt, lots of things I've encountered but there still so much more to learn, so many more things to see and experience. All I know is that my life is just really beginning.

Nothing much was achieved in my 1st year but for short term goals, it's not beyond my reach. I know I will achieve it. It's just a matter of time. On my other goals, I do not know and I've yet to foresee it.

On my company, if I rate my previous company as nice, my current company is great. Will there be an excellent company waiting for me? I hope so. Either when I move on, hopefully that I'll find my excellent company or that my current one improves.

End of part 1. Coming soon is part 2: My experience.

PS: I hope I can rememeber what has happened in this 1 year.