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Friday, June 09, 2006

Chapter 2: The day out

Continued from Ash's Chapter 1. Please mind my boring blog since Chapter 1 is so much more interesting to read and funnier. All because Mr. Ash didn't want to write the whole thing.

Chapter 2: The day out

Finally, Ash and I reached Times Square, a good 30 minutes late. Billy was complaining. Sorry man, it wasn't our fault that we were late. Even Philip was late. What was wrong with that day... I don't know.

Since he's gonna be late, Billy and Ash then went down to 1st Floor to buy the tickets while I remain waiting in front of GSC. Billy said the queue at that sales counter is shorter. But it seems not. They then came back up... without anything... the tickets I mean (do not have other thoughts on this). Darn, we then had to queue at the GSC counter which, believe me, is not short. My my, the prices on weekends. Da Vinci Code: RM 16, MI3: Rm 11, X-Men 3: RM 11. Wah lau... it's getting so expensive already. I'd always thought it's gonna cost only RM 10 on weekends.

We reached our turn, but no sits left. Great, the announcement board shows aplenty. Stupid notice board, not updated. Then how? Philip wanted to look for a book on Java and so we went to Borders just a floor below. Ash, Billy and I were literally sitting down chit chatting about work while Philip where looking for his book. Wanted to buy one but ended up not buying anything.

Since Ash hasn't eaten, we then went looking around for food. Finally decided to walk to Sg. Wang canteen. It was already way after 3pm. Ash was to have his lunch and the rest - tea. Over there we talk about many things. Nothing much that is interesting. Again, it's mostly on work and our workplace. Half-way, a sales girl came over promoting the new lemon excel carbonated drink. It was obvious that we had no interest at all.... but Billy, being a desperado, begin flirting with her.

Her looks? I'd better not describe it here. It went on for a while until she left and we continued chatting.

By the time we finish, it was already past 4pm. Since Philip wanted a new shoe, we followed him around... shopping and shopping we did... around the whole complex. In the end... no shoe. Why? He's extremely picky. We went from shop to shop, from Sg. Wang and into BB Plaza and still could not find one that satisfies him. Wonder how picky will he be when choosing a wife?

Want to know what happened during shopping, stay tuned for Chapter 3: Aunty Philip.

Well Chapter 3 was supposed to be my post but Philip ended up writing it. Damn... cannot kutuk him alr.