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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lessons when buying a present

I've always knew that I'm never good at choosing presents. That is why, whenever possible, I would get my friends who has better taste to buy and I would share the presents.

But today, I had to go hunting for a present myself for my colleague's daugther's 1st birthday next weekend which I won't be attending, but still bought a present for her nevertheless.

These days, the presents do not come with any boxes. This means you'll have to buy the present separately.

Having chosen a present (a star-shaped baby pillow), I didn't buy it immediately but instead, walked around to find a matching box, because the same shop's boxes was kind of expensive. It was almost the same price as the present I had chosen.

Hence, I went box hunting first, keeping the looks and size of the present in my memory. BAD MOVE!!!!

So when I went around, I found one I thought fits. The box was packed in a packet but I thought it would fit the present, based on the sample I saw. Wonderful, now that I've already bought the box, I can go back to the earlier shop for the present.

When I looked at the present again, I still thought it fits. So I didn't test it out but to proceed with my purchase and head home.

When I reach home to pack the present... here's were the nightmare began. It almost fitted. I tried squeezing them but to no avail. The cover just won't close. So no choice. Have to just give the present without the box. Unless I go and buy another. Either way, I'm left with an extra box at home now.

The present I chose comes in 2 sizes, and I chose the bigger one. Had I had chosen the smaller one, it would no doubt fit in without even squeezing it a little. Sigh!!!

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