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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Road Accident

Bummer... today startedly kind of badly. Was on my way to Cyberjaya when I bang into one angmoh's old school Volvo. He suddenly hit the brakes and I could not brake on time. Not even sure why he had to brake on a clear highway but that dented my bumper and cracked my number plate. Lucky for me, nothing happened to my engine.... thank god. I was glad too that there was no car behind me.

And what happened to his Volvo? Just a little peel of paint off the bumper. What a solid old car he has. He was quite easy going and initially demanded only RM 50 for the damaged but was interrupted by his nagging Chinese wife, trying to demand for more.

Finally decided on letting them complete the paint job for the bumper first before claiming the money from me, thus, delaying the payment. We even pre-agreed for a range before the actual bill comes along.

And that was my very first road accident. Was it bad luck or was I lucky?

("-_-) Didn't have my camera with me so couldn't snap a photo to show it here. Too bad, it's now being repaired as I type.... :P


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Are we proud or too proud?

So the first Malaysian cosmonaut has reached space. Setting up over the horizon, reaching a new frontier so to speak. True that Malaysia will be able to attract some form of investments for space research and R&D, but I just can't help but to think, were the money well spent?

The amount was definately not small. The fact that the government has to borrow millions to finance the construction of the 2nd Penang bridge, why still choose to spend that money? Why didn't they choose to refinance the bridge or even to finance other mega projects that are being planned or already underway? But they chose to go indebt with the Chinese goverment instead.

Now they're thinking of sending the 2nd cosmonaut to space. Again, were the money well spent?


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Somehow we've been destined

Hahaha.... just occurred another discovery. Looks like I have 2 other people from office to celebrate my birthday with me. A while back I mentioned that someone with the same birth year, same birth month and same birth date had joined my team.

Already, I thought that was rare.

This week I found out another senior (also from my team), one who left the company before I joined and recently rejoined the company, also shares the same birthday. Just that this senior of mine is a couple of years older.

Is this fate? I'm not sure. But when the company celebrates our birthday, it's going to be one heck of a celebration. A truly unique occasion. Hahaha....

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

How has it been?

I've been thinking for a while now of ways to make my blog look more interesting. But I just can't seem to find interesting topics to post, largely thanks to the fact that I live a mundane life (though I don't really see it as an issue).

And I guess the only way which I could think of, is by going out more often, either travelling or doing activities with friends. Which also makes me wonder, what my other friends are doing? Hasn't been in touch with many lately. So make things to share and keep up with.

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