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Sunday, February 26, 2006

My worst day

Yesterday, Feb. 24th has to be marked as one of my worst and careless day in my soon-to-be one year career. You may now be wondering what is this 'fuss' all about.

Well, yesterday I was supposed to be doing some patching and to do some backup at a client site at Putrajaya. I kept it in my thumb drive the previous day. The drive was in my bag. That morning, I was kept busy doing some paper work like log forms etc for the client. One of my colleague drove me there because he has to learn the system and the place as well. Guess what...while I remembered all the documents, other equipments and checklist, I forgot the very most important thing for the day... my thumb drive.

I did not take my bag so it was left in the office. We were already on our way to Putrajaya. We were near Cheras at that time when I suddenly remembered about the thumb drive. We decided to head back to office to grab it because we thought the file would be too large to send to our private email. On our way back, my colleague suddenly remembered that our department has a live IP that we could use. So we had to call back and ask them to upload the patch to the live server so us to download from our client site. So we went back on our journey to Putrajaya.

Here's where another incident happened. He took a wrong turning and we ended up nearby our office. So we decided to again head back to office to get the stuff. I called someone to pass me my drive at the lobby. As we were about to leave, I thought it might be safer to bring along my USB cable since my drive is the old fat type. So I went back up to the office to get it. Thinking that it's in my bag, I just grab my bag and left in a hurry. I was already down at the lobby until I realised that the cable was not in my bag but was plugged into my PC instead. Again I had to go up again to grab it. Everyone was surprised to see me in the office again. Man... talk about being careless. I don't know how and what to describe myself... embarrased? Naively careless? or just plain incapable?

All this made us arrived at Putrajaya late. It was already 10 past 11am. We first backup the database then proceed to putting up the patches. I almost made another blunder when I forgot to change something despite having a checklist with me. I have already logout and left the server room. Luckily I suddenly remembered otherwise, we may have to make another trip to the place. Well, I still have to make many more trips there because of their changes or patches. This is what happens when we don't have remote access into the server.

We reached back at office at around 3pm, having left at 9.30am. We reached office late mainly because of the jam and also because we had lunch at some unknown restaurant at Seri Kembangan. Luckily the rest of the day is alright. Sigh... definately my worst day so far in my whole career life.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Use Water therapy for many home remedies and treat it as natural medicine

This is an interesing article I found from my colleague's blog:

Use Water therapy for many home remedies and treat it as natural medicine.:

Stay fit naturally using water
Water is one of the most important constituent of our body. Water maintains the temperature and keeps our body healthy. Most of us suffer from chronic dehydration and not even aware of the problem. Dr. F Batmanghelidj’s clinical research showed that many ailments – including adult onset diabetes, stomach ulcers, headaches, depression, and general aches and pain comes from chronic dehydration. He discovered that he could cure most of his subjects of their chronic ailments using only water.

Understanding the importance of water , saints of India presented the technique of using water to stay healthy thousands of years ago.

The Internal Use of Water Therapy:
Early morning, drink 1.25 liters of pure water ( preferable kept overnight in copper vessel). This should be done on an empty stomach, after having starved for 8-10 hours the previous night. Try consuming the entire quantity of water within 5 to 10 minutes.
However, in the initial stages of your therapy, if you find drinking this much quantity of water rather difficult, you might start by drinking a quantity smaller than the prescribed 1.25 liters, and gradually you can increase it to 1.25 liters. Make sure to give yourself ½ an hour of complete rest, after drinking the water. Exercises, moving bowels or bath can be taken care of, only after this rest-period. Make sure you don't eat or drink anything within 1½ to 2 hours of drinking water in the morning.

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How does this form of Water Therapy act within the body?
(1) When 1.25 liters of water is drunk within a short span of 5-10 minutes, after a night of fasting, the pressure of water that grips the intestines, activates them a lot more than usual.
(2) Due to the sudden water-pressure, the bits and particles of food that adhere to the walls of the intestines, along with gases and other undigested materials, disengage themselves from the intestinal walls, dissolve into the inflowing water and leave the body along with the same. This in turn, gives the intestinal cells a new lease of life.
(3) The intestines are not the only parts of the body to benefit from this Water Therapy. The cells of the entire body get revitalized. When, after 8-10 hours of fasting, water is drunk, the insides of the body soak it up thirstily and as a result, every single cell of the body gets affected by the water-intake. The free radicals and toxic elements adhering to the cells, are literally pressurized into removing themselves from the cells, and then the body's in-built cleansing system gets rid of these unwanted elements very easily, afterwards. Water is directly related to the kidneys and that is why Water Therapy does away with impediments within and ailments of the urinary track very fast. Water Therapy not only destroys the bacteria of the urinary track but also helps in getting rid of kidney stone problem.

Beneficial for: Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Pain in the Joints, Heart Problems & fainting, meningitis, urine problem, uterus cancer, piles, stomach problems, bile, cough, old age problems like wrinkles, pimples, paralysis, bronchitis, asthma, leucorrhoea, acidity, swelling, fever, headache, anemia, obesity, tuberculosis, liver ailments, irregularity in menstrual cycle, gas problems, constipation & so on.

(1) The first 3-7 days of Water Therapy could be a little difficult. You might suffer headaches and body-aches. Sweating, nausea and loose-motions could also form parts of the 'symptoms'. If not all these, you might definitely experience a certain sort of uneasiness. The thing to keep in mind is that these are not harmful 'after-effects' of Water Therapy. These symptoms merely serve to testify that the body is getting rid of many toxic elements from your body. If necessary, the quantity of water could be decreased to a bearable extent and then gradually increase it to prescribed amount.
(2) Though this sort of Water Therapy is good for kidney and heart-patients, they are however advised to try it out only after procuring their physicians' permission and relevant guidance.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

My horoscope for 2006

Aries is the Greek name for the God of War, and in astrology Aries is said to be ruled by the planet Mars, named for the Roman God of War. A far-sighted Sagittarius broadens your horizons, but a focused Scorpio helps you zero in on your targets. A stabilizing Taurus steadies your aim to reach them. Your greatest challenge is to ask questions before you shoot, and to choose your goals fully. Your deadly aim becomes your greatest strength.

If you don't end up using your talent for hi- tech communications serving the military (which did, after all, invent the Internet), you could be a powerful voice for peace. You would also do well as a successful multimedia artist, bringing art and technology together in new ways. Or, you may simply bring it all together in some martial art form in your spare time. It is important to learn constructive ways to direct your fiery energy in order to reach your goals, whatever they may be. In addition to your sheer natural force, you possess the discipline to develop skill and precision.

You also have quite a way with money, generating your own resources and employing those of others. With maturity and the right partners, you are able to combine your courage and boldness with the patience to build your financial structures methodically and steadily. You learn the art of waiting patiently, like a cobra poised to strike, for the right opportunity to present itself. You will know it when it comes.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Happy CNY to all

This may come late, but it is still Chinese New Year until the 15th day of New Year (Feb 12, 2006). To all those born in the year of Dogs, have a good doggie year. Be good ok. And all the best to the rest. Wish you all, "Pou Pou Kou Seng" and "San Nin Fatt Tai Choy".

This year's CNY is again the same to me. This year, I was again up in Genting performing lion and dragon dance at First World Plaza. Was up there from "Chor Yat" until "Chor Ng" while some'll stay back until the last day which is Feb 12th. This year is busier than usual as we have 4 shows a day. All these while, we only had 3... since the first year we started performing up there. The 2nd day of CNY (Jan 30th) is again the day where we would perform from shops to shops. Only this time, we had 80+ shops to perform at. A big jump from the years before. Apart of that, it's all stage shows.

Was exceptionally tired this year from the shows. Firstly, I trained less this year due to other commitments and secondly, the shows are increasing year after year after year. Feeling really tired already. Maybe it's time to call it quit. Maybe it's time to retire from all this. But it was still a great fun performing. I'm not yet willing and ready to let go and forget the experience.

I came down at Thursday night after the last show and was supposed to perform at some shows down in KL but I was not feeling well, so I skipped the Friday shows. I slept the whole day on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, I again perform all around KL, PJ, Shah Alam and Subang. Some were houses, some were shopping complexes, little were offices. Saturday was a whole day while Sunday was only a half day for my team. The other team in the troupe has got other shows. Don't know until what time they ended.

With Sunday only half day, it gave me enough rest to get ready for work the next day (yesterday) but still, yesterday was a killer day. I kept falling asleep at work. Then at 5.30pm, everyone was calling everyone to the conference room. Why??!!! It's time for black jack. My boss bully us kau kau man. So many triples and doubles we had to pay her as she's the banker. Some of us had a black jack also need to pay her. Imagine how lucky she was. I only sat there for half an hour and already lost RM 12. Let's hope I'll win the next round cause they will keep playing until the last day of CNY.