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Monday, October 23, 2006

About my China Trip

I created a new blog specially for my China trip. It can be found at

The link can also be found under my Friends section with the link title "".

So I'll be spending more time trying to complete my story on my trip. So stay tuned.

Friday, October 13, 2006

In memories of my office

Yesterday was my last day in my current office before we move over to the new office in Menara Pan Global. I'll be located at the 20th Floor.

So in memories of it and to treasure the moments I had here, I'm posting some photos to show you how my office looked like (pls mind the mess and emptiness).

1) At the front where the receptionist sits
the company logo

2) My cubicle. This is where I do my work. There would have been more things had I had not packed cubicle

3) The view of the whole department. The red arrow indicates where I sits. The first door on the left leads to my manager's department

4) Some decos. Those decorations has been up since this year's CNY (CNY 2006). It's never been taken off. Some was even left there since before I joined the company which was in Dec 2005.
CNY decorations

Well, I guess this should be enough. I didn't take more photos anyway. And since WP had wanted to see what weapon I'll be using for competition, I've also uploaded the photo as well. See below:

my weapons These are called the 'Double Daggers' or just simply 'Daggers' for short.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

wah... what a week. Another busy week next week.

This week has been a busy week due to many reasons. Of course, the busiest moment is at work. With schedules to meet, works to deliver, and now, packing my stuff.... as in my office stuff. Why did I say that? It's because my company is shifting from Menara Aik Hua to the nearby Menara Pan Global as the office tender ends this month end.

There's also my final preparations for China to make as well. Most of the things I'm bringing over are ready, just not packed yet. And the latest news I had is that my flight has been changed and I'll be leaving in the morning of the 15th and arriving in the evening. With the competition schedule to begin the next day, but biggest concern now is not able to rest my legs.

With a day break before competition resumes on the 18th, I'll have ample rest if my events starts on the 18 instead. I'll be down competing in 2 events and hopefully I'll only have 1 event a day. So when it's over I'll be able to actually visit around the town.

Anyway, I'm schedule to move my stuff either this Friday or this coming Monday which I won't be around already. Will have to rely on my colleagues. Either way, Friday will be my last day in this office. When I return to work after Raya, I'll be starting a new life at Menara Pan Global already.

I haven't seen the new office yet but I heard that there won't be any cubicles. Just 2 rows of tables facing one another. I don't think I'll be getting a nice spot since my company will be located in the same office as another sister company, Bass Consulting. Right now, there's been many doubts and questions marks over this whole thing. The management hasn't officially confirmed that the allocated tables will be permanent or are getting the old cubicles back (cause I do hope there'll be cubicles so I can pin up reminders and notes).

Another happening now is that my dept is preparing a sketch for our Company annual dinner to be held somewhere in November. We're going to compete in some sort of talent time and I'm suppose to come out with the story line. Looks like I'll only be able to think when I come back from China.

This will be the 2nd annual dinner for the year since we're not going to have a staff retreat or to some people, known as company trips. The reason being that the management hasn't been able to find a holiday resort or hotel that can fit 600++ staff under one roof ever since the parent company merged with another sister company. But no matter what the reason is, I'm sure many of us would prefer a trip. So do I since I've not travelled for a while and I have a good bunch of company that will definately make the trip fun and enjoyable.

Now as I'm typing this, I've completed most of my major work. The rest are just plain simple task to complete. The upcoming ones are more important, mainly, moving my stuff over to the new office which I'm still not sure how the management are going to manage it and preparing for China. My leg muscles still hurts since my last training and I've haven't been able to do any workout and I'm supposed to meet up with my sifu for one last training and to collect my air tickets and passport before flying off. Sigh... so much to do suddenly, so much business to attend to.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Truth revealed...

Yes I know what you guys are thinking. You must'd be thinking, "What lar Chun Eng...", "Trying to be so secretive", yada yada yada... You may even be cursing me right now for trying to be mysterious.... so now it's all been revealed. I'll be going to China next weekend. Yes it's C-H-I-N-A and I'll be there for a week.

Many of you who had read my few previous post would have realised that I'll be travelling to somewhere since I had my passport made. Ash tried guessing that it has something to do with my lion dance. Nope, it's not. My lion dancing skills and stunts are not up to any competition standards. But he was close. Very very close. It's something to do with my Kung Fu.

I'll be actually competing in the 2nd World Traditional Wushu Championship to be held from Oct 14 - 19 at Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. The image on the left is the logo of the International Wushu Federation. Here are the details. And here are the schedules. So you guys must'd be saying... "Fuyoh... Chun Eng... competing in world championship".... yeah yeah yeah... I know what you guys are thinking. I know my friends quite well. Otherwise, we won't be friends in the first place, right???!!!.

The fact is... how I even got selected in the first place is nothing to be proud of. So I thought it was best left untold until I feel it's necessary to tell. It's not the case of only the best will go to China. There was no selection for the place in the team to the championship, and no, I am not representing Malaysia as a national athlete. Rather, I'm just a contestant from Malaysia. Big difference. Traditional Wushu isn't recognised by the Malaysian Sports Council (MSN) by the way. So we're there at our own expense.

Modern Wushu has alot of 'ridiculous' acrobatic moves and stance while the traditional Wushu is what you see in the old Chinese martial art movies. The word 'Kung Fu' are sometimes used to refer to traditional Wushu while Wushu refers to the modern.

Anyway, the Wushu Federation of Malaysia (WFM) is made up of a few Wushu/Kung Fu associations that becomes affiliates to the federation. And from what I know, each are allowed to send a number of participants. My sifu chose 6 people to go but only 3 are going. The other 3 didn't want to go.

How did I ever become 1 of the 6? Well... I'm not sure myself. My guess is that the winners of our own internal competition are selected, judging from the people that was initially selected. Here's the funny part. Every year my association would organise an internal competition among the branches/schools that are under this association. My school is in a dying state and there were no seniors representing it. So I decided to compete, just to make up the numbers. But somehow, I made a sweep in the senior events. Considering that I have not been actively competing for the past 4 years and was way off my old form and the absense of some really excellent ones that were to compete in the 1st World Junior Championship held in KL back in August, it was really a surprise that I won.

And since I've won, I was thus selected eventhough my sifu did mention to me that I did 'shit' during that competition. And that I have to train like shit in the hope of regaining my old form, which I'm still struggling by the way.

So I've started training since then but could only train with my sifu once a week. Other days, I just did some workout to strengthen my muscles on my own and do jogging whenever possible. But due to work commitments, the rain and haze, I couldn't do much jogging at the park near my house. You could say that my preparation wasn't going too well. So, I could only pray that I'd do well. Not to win, but to do well. Winning will be a bonus.

So there you have it. The truth and nothing but the truth. When I'm there, I'll try to post updates and lots and lots of photos whenever possible. Otherwise, will just have to wait until get back. Till then, guys, please wish me luck and pray for my success.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Putra LRT... from excellent to good to bad to worse and now the worst...

This morning problem arosed again at the Putra LRT... right when it's the peak hours and people are trying to get to work. I'm not to sure what's wrong, but it was announced that problems occured between the Jelatek and Ampang Park stations.

About 4-5 years ago, the service, the train IMHO was excellent. There were no delays, no malfunctions, nothing... zip. It's was smooth and good. It was the best mode of public transportation in KL. But as time passes, it gotten kind of bad. But then it was still good. Still the best. The experience was understandable since machines after some time does have some glitches. The trains were still very well maintained. So are the feeder buses.

If not mistaken, it's gotten really bad since last year. Constant breakdowns, system malfunctions, delays and all. The buses were like never serviced. The commuters are beginning to voice dissatisfactions. Yet, the price fares has been ever increasing but services never justified.

Recently, the feeder buses changed their bus fares. Instead of paying 50sen everytime you got on the bus, they're charging RM1 with an unlimited daily ride on the bus. Such changes will only benefit some group of people while the rest are actually ending up paying more. Especially people like me who often only take one trip of the bus to one place, the another mode of transportation when getting back.

And in the space of 2 month, the LRT actually broke down trice. Not once, not twice but trice. And of the 3 times, once was caused by a flash flood happening KL not too long ago. I really wonder what is happening to Putra LRT. I believe it was after a change of management that more and more problems are arising. With it still being an important mode of transportation, especially to me, I'd really hope things will improve.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A work that is not a work

Today I took a leave from work... to work. Confused? Hehehe... you'll get the clear picture soon.
Firstly, I had to send my car for it's 2nd service (1st service actually since I missed the first service because I've forgotten the warranty terms).

But in the end I got my 1st service instead of my 2nd service because Perodua happily 'extended' my service warranty. Follow me so far? The service terms were:

1st - 1000 km or 1 month (which ever comes first)
2nd - 5000 km or 3 months (which ever comes first)
3rd - 10000 km or 6 months (which ever comes first)

My car is already 3 months old, meaning this current service was supposed to be my 2nd one but the service centre actually recorded mine as the 1st service. So I still got 2 more free service... which is a good thing though the free service is only on the workmanship and parts and not the items like the filter oil etc. It took them about 3 hours to get them done which I was relunctant to wait for so long. So I went home and collected my car later in the afternoon.

From my way back walking home, I met my mom at the bank to accompany her to open an account. By then it was already noon. I then went to pick up my niece from kindergarten while my mom went to the market.

Then, it was time to collect my car which I walked again to the service centre which isn't really that far. The service was not too bad. The staff was really helpful. Only thing is that they were kind of slow because I had to wait for another hour before I can take my car which of course after I make the payment.

Once I was home, I began doing some gardening, to clear the wits, cut the grass and all... something which I had wanted to do long ago. I just hate it when my house is messy or my garden looks like a bush. My father hardly takes care of the garden and my brother was never bother at all.

I had wanted to go jogging after that before it's dark but despite a small rain earlier in the afternoon, it somehow did not clear the haze but instead made it kind of worst. I just did a little of my work out at home at night.

From my previous post many of you would have known that I had my passport done and have already realised that I would be travelling soon but I won't say it's really travelling. Just that I'll be going somewhere and the work out has something to do with it....

truth to be revealed soon.

So, while I was supposed to be on leave, I had done so many work instead which actually much more productive than I would have done in my office work lately. So I was not doing my work yet I've done so much work today. Only that I'm more physically tired rather than mentally tired when I work in my office.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Yesterday I attempted to cross-post my blog from into but it didn't seem to work. I was very sure I checked the cross-post option already. This morning I checked my, it wasn't there. Wonder what went wrong.

I think I'll have to try this again some other time.

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