In Chun Eng's words...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Always expect the unexpected

My final year degree results came out recently. did came in a hurry and caught me by surprised. First, it was schedule to be released on the 20th April until a friend messaged me a nite before telling me that the result was out.

Then, the marks were totally unexpected. Modules that I thought may not do well turned out to be ok, pretty satisfying. But on the other hand, modules I thought would score I instead did badly. I even nearly flung it. :~(

But overall, I still got what I targeted and expected to achieve. Least I got what I aimed for and I should be happy but everytime I see results, I feel heartaches, especially when knowing I could have fail a subject...I hate failures and would never what to see that in my life.

Now, my graduation next biggest thing in my life so far....
or is it a third...????
or a forth....???
or whatever...!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Recent affection...

My Skype has been around for sometime and but I rarely uses it unless my friends wants to have some chat with me. But now, it has become an instant IM hit in my office and we may move from MSN Messenger instead to Skype on a permanent basis.

Well, wat can I say, Skype is faster for file transfer compared to MSN and better voice transmittion, no echo from either end, unlike the stupid MSN. But MSN does have some edge interface-wise. One point to Skype for being a good VOIP and IM application, and one point to MSN for having a nice interface. Do I now sound like writing an article comparing the two? I felt so....

Anyway, I'm looking now to increase my contact list on Skype. So for those who knows me, hehehe....can add me. My username is 'chuneng' minus the quotes of course.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

The normal routine...

It's been awhile since I first posted my very first I thought it would be good to add-on somethin to it. If it wasn't for Eng Hong to complain about my blog, I believe I wouldn't have posted this so soon.

This week has just been another mundane week for me. Work is from Monday to Friday with the weekends for my own. Kung Fu/Wushu training on Saturday afternoon was as usual. But attendance is again disappointing. Guess I need to put more effort on the recruitments. I'd even skipped this morning's training because of some unexpected guest.

Coincidently, this week is also considered the 'special' week. Theres Chinese 'Cheng Meng' prayers and also 'my day'. Wishes hasn't been many this year. Perhaps ppl have alr forgotten 'bout me ..... how sad. I even have someone calling me old .... at the age of 22 ....sniff sniff. I guess I'm getting old cos I do feel old

Friday, April 01, 2005

Bloggin' for the first time

Bloggin...wat is it? I dunno... x_x
I don't usually waste my time telling ppl about my's too boring and pathetic even for a 22 year old bloody idiot like me.

So wat made me changed my mind? Well, I am more of made into bloggin' because of my job. That's wat!!!! =<