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Friday, December 30, 2005

The last working day of the year

We've reached the end of 2005 with a few more days to go. It could also be one of the most eventful day of my 10 months of working. Firstly, I had almost a 2 1/2 hours lunch. Already, my lunch hours are very flexible that my colleagues and I sometimes have 1 1/2 hours lunch on times when we're not busy at work.

Today, my senior drove us to a vegetarian shop in Miharja called Tian Yian Cafe & Restaurant. My senior is a vegetarian and whenever he eats with us, we would join him to eat vegetarian. Coincidently, his name is also called Philip. Now there's 2 things the 2 Philip I know have in common. Both are called Philip and both are vegetarians. Nevertheless, the food there isn't cheap but it's clean and it's air-conditioned if you're comparing with the normal hawker stalls.

Then at around 4.15pm, all of us got a memo stating that we can leave by 4pm. Stupid as it may be, announcing something past its time, but it's great nonetheless to be able to leave office early. Yaye...

We've already made plans to go to Planet Hollywood for dinner. It was still early so 2 of my colleagues took some of us to California Fitness where they are members. The facilities, impressive. The price, even more impressive.... and of course, expensive. But being eager to try it out, I sign-up with the package I think is reasonable to me. RM 99.00 + 5% gov tax monthly with limited benefits. The main condition is that I have to sign-up for a year.

Then we went for dinner as planned. It was already almost 8pm when we reached Planet Hollywood. Had what I think it's called Chicken Torsados. It was delicious but not recommended for huge eaters. It's under promotion so I got 50% off. Today's the last day of the promotion. Sat there chit-chatting till about 10pm where we all went for a short walk being going our ways.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

My last night's dream

Thurs, Dec 22, 2005: It's not an everyday thing that I could remember my dreams as well as this... It all started from me driving. No it's not a car but rather a short train (or trailer) as what you see in parks or the zoo and I was driving in the middle of the highway. I would like to sketch it out if I could. Maybe some other time I'll post it out here.

Anyway, as my dream continued, some mad driver suddenly turned left at a junction towards my train and we met with an accident. The right side of the train was badly damaged. It can't really be my fault since I was at the left lane turning left as well while he's at the middle lane trying to overtake me at a junction. How stupid and dangerous can that driver be? Then, a muscular man twice my size came out of the car with a very angry and evil look.

We did not get into a fight. Somehow, there was something I said that turned him 'soft' and I could see his eyes wet. I can't rememebr what I said and knowing me, I'm not a very good talker. But somehow, it got me out of trouble.

Anyway, that thing that worries me was that the train doesn't belong to me. It belongs to a friend named Wy-Pun. Yes it's the Pun many of us knew. As I was returning the train to her house (which was a huge banglo btw), she and Yong Seng was already waiting for me at the gate. They gave me no reaction of what-so-ever. Whew...relief.

As I driving towards the garage, a distant away, I suddenly hear my father screaming, "Eng, wake up!!!". It woke me up alright. I got shocked and actually jumped off my bed as I knew, when I hear those words, I know I'm late for work. At a glance at my clock, it's already 7.10am... whew... still ok. I can still make it to office on time. In fact, I was still lying on my bed rolling around until 7.30. Was just too lazy to get out of my bed. So that's how the whole dream went. Funny that I can still remember it clearly.

Wonder what all these incidents meant??? HHHhhhmmm...

Friday, December 09, 2005

Wah lau eh!!!!

Since there's been a some happening events in the result of posts like this, I thought I should join the fun. Oh my..... such a big difference between the first and the second.
You scored as Natural Causes. Your death will be by natural causes, though not by any diseaese, because that is another option on this test. You will probably just silently pass away in the night from old age, and people you love won't realize until the next morning, when you are all purple and cold and icky. So be happy, you won't be murdered.

Natural Causes
















Cut Throat










How Will You Die??
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Sunday, December 04, 2005

What has the world become?

Just read a post from Kenny Sia and he was commenting on the few deaths reported happening lately. Firstly, there was 'La Idler' Sondra, a blogger from Singapore who passed away due to a rare blood disorder. But this was not the main news. It's was Van Tuong Nguyen's execution and Khairul Anuar Salim's death that has upset many.

It made me realise, our life is so fragile and we may just lose it anytime. In the first case, to me it's just fate. But the other 2 was something completely avoidable. It ended up with 2 people losing their life due to someone else's actions, one for helping his brother clearing a debt but unfortunately chose the wrong path in doing so and the other merely because he wasn't having enough money at that time to pay for his admission deposits. Here's the link to Kenny Sia's post. It also leads to Jeff Ooi's comments.

What has the world gone into? What has Malaysia gone into? How can we claim ourselves civilized when such things are happening?

Saturday, December 03, 2005

My First Week

I've already worked in my new company Formis Software Dynamics, for a week. Things were pretty ok. My colleagues in my team is nice. Haven't get to know the rest of them from the other departments. Wait lar... will try to get to know everyone when there's a chance.

Coming back to my work, things will get very very busy soon. Been assigned to take over 4 systems from another colleague who's leaving next week. Some of the system are already live, some is under development. Darn, not enough time to learn everything from him.

But systems apart, need to learn up some new stuff, old technologies which I've never used before. Some of them are like Oracle, Stored Procedures (learnt but never used them before), SOAP and Web Services. And I get the feeling there's more coming. Darn, so many things, so little time. What should I do? Which one I should learn first? Haih.... terrible lar.

In my last company, I had to take over someone's module in the system because he coincidently resigned just as I joined the company. Now, the whole thing is repeating again. Only now there's less time. Sniff sniff... why oh why is this happening to me???