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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Pig

2 of my colleagues are leaving soon. One leaving this week while another in a month's time. So my boss treated the department to a farewell lunch at a spanish restaurant called Elcerdo, located along Tengkat Tong Shin. Here's the website. It shows the map to the place. They only serve their specialty - pork. Even the place was decorated with pigs... lot's of it too.

Below are some of the photos taken from one of my colleague.

The Signboard...
the signboard

The Entrance
at the entrance door

The Decos
internal decos

internal decos

internal decos

The Surroundings


The Food



The place was very nicely decorated, with nice dimmed lights, thus making the surrounding a little more cosy and comfortable. Needless to say, a place like this don't come cheap. A glance on the menu shows the prices all starting from RM3x.xx onwards and a half roast pig cos a little over RM90.00. Lunch that cost over RM500 for a group of 9. My boss doesn't know of my blog, so she won't be reading this... but thank you boss for the splendid lunch.

To a normal person like me, the place is pretty expensive but to a person who enjoys fine dining lifestyle, it is probably worth all the monies spent.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

After Lunch Sleepiness Syndrome

It's at it again. Lately, after lunch I've been feeling sleepy and fatigue easily. I've not felt drowsy after my meals for a while now but it's been happening again. This is despite that I've been controlling the amount of food I eat by ensuring that I eat just enough. I had also ensured that I sleep early every night.

With the problem, I feel that it has been affecting my work. Now, with me being based at my client's office, I can't take a short nap when I'm sleepy like the way I used to. Oh... that feeling!!!!! I guess anyone would know how it feels like when you really wish you could sleep but couldn't. It's indeed a suffering. Anyone has got a remedy to this?


Tuesday, March 20, 2007


After a rainless weekend, it finally rained this morning. I was so reluctant to get out of my bed, hoping to continue with my comfortable sleep. When I finally got up, it felt so refreshing, something which I've not felt for a very very long time. I usually feel sleepy all the way until I reach my office, but not this morning.

Anyway, when I got off from the Ampang Park LRT to walk to my client's office, it was still drizzling but I didn't bother taking out my umbrella and proceeded in walking under the rain. Oh... how I missed playing in the rain. I had always liked the rain. Small little drops of rain always makes the surrounding more serene, peaceful and calm. It makes me feel relaxed. If I could, I want to sit by the balcony listening to the falling drops of rain, enjoying the rhythm of the rain.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Camera Hunting

Ever since I came back from China, I was seriously considering getting a digicam of my own but never had the initiative in looking for one. Last night while browsing through the pages in the newspaper, I saw an advert on a Digital Fest organised by Fotokem at PWTC (March 16-18). So this afternoon I went there to have a look. I was kind of blur as what makes a digicam a good digicam. Besides knowing what megapixels and optical zooms are, I was clueless on the specs. And I still am.

Initially I was looking for a low range camera below RM1k and must have at least 5MP and 3x Optical Zoom. Having scouted around the various brands, specification wise, they're all very similar. The ok ones would cost around RM500-700 while the better low range ones would be around RM600 to RM1k. I did not even bother looking at those above RM1k.

I then bump into an ex-college mate from Diploma, Kok Weng. He's quite a nerdy when it comes to technology, so he makes a perfect person to consult. When we went scouting around together, he was practically asking questions using terms I would never have heard of. So many jargons, so many terms. Before meeting him, I did sent out some messages and made some calls for 2nd opinions. If the choice is right, then I might make an immediate purchase.

We took some sample photos using Canon PowerShot A550 (7.1MP, 4x Optical Zoom, RM599) with and without flash and Kodak EasyShare C653 (6.1MP, 3x Optical Zoom, RM499) with and without flash. I wanted to see the quality from Nikon CoolPix L6 (6MP, 3x Optical Zoom, RM588) but the booth does not have any photo printer. So I could not get to compare it with Kodak and Canon.

For Olympus, they ran out of the photo paper. I did not shortlist digicams from Olympus based on the fact that they uses xD cards which are said to be more expensive compared to the normal SD cards. As for Sony, they have the reputation of having elegant designs but terrible photo quality. So that too is out.

I would have loved to post the photos here, but somehow the photos I scanned did not turn out well despite having increased it's resolution :0( How sad!!! Will try it again with even higher resolution some other time.

Anyway, at the moment, I've shortlisted Canon PS A550 and Nikon L6 though it seems that from the review, PS A550 is a better choice. However Nikon Coolpix P3 and Coolpix P4 seems to have good reviews. The 2 are the same except that P3 supports Wi-Fi while P4 does not. I'm not sure what people might have to say about Kodak cameras but for some reason that I do not know of myself, I just don't trust the brand.

As I was typing this post, I had another thought. Would it be a good idea to stick to the low range or buy the mid range which would definately have a better quality, for a better longer use? I really don't know which would be a better choice at the moment.


Friday, March 16, 2007

On the move again

Once again, I'll be away from office for a duration of time. Once again I'm based in the client site. This time, thank god, it's not Putrajaya, but at Bangunan MIDF, Jalan Tun Razak. It's exactly behind Ampang Park.

Will be here for about 2 weeks, facilitating user testing for a system I'm currently involved in and also be on standby for any bugs or errors. Pretty much the mundane task. Just that I'm not in my office... sigh.

And another thing... the network here uses an unstable proxy server for Internet. It will sometimes go down for a while before the Internet is up again. But nonetheless, it's still better than my lousy streamyx at home.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

White Day

White Day has just past. I hope you know what a White Day is. Happy White Day for those who has celebrated. And for those who did not celebrate, hope you will next year. Wikipedia defines the day where the guys would return a favour by returning a gift for those who received Chocolates from the girls during Valentines Day. And since I did not receive any chocolate, I think I dun have to give anyone any present, rite??!!! Or I am just plain ignorant??!!!


Friday, March 09, 2007

Quite a disbelieve

Gotten really surprised when I read this news from The Star Online. Two 13 year-olds got married in a mass wedding ceremony in Hulu Terengganu. Don't you think they're still a bit too young for such commitments and responsibilities? I do!!!

Is it actually legal even with the approval of both parents?


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sumatra Earthquakes - March 6, 2007

Yesterday, another natural disaster happened again - earthquakes. The 2 quakes that rocked Sumatra, Indonesia was both felt in my office, high up in the 20th floor of Menara PanGlobal. The shake wasn't really that bad, just felt as if you were feeling dizzy seeing the desktop swaying left and right.

While I did not feel the first quake which happened in the mid-morning yesterday, the 2nd one was clearly felt at around 1.30pm Malaysian time, not long after I came back from lunch. For KL to feel the quake, we can imagine how bad it is in Sumatra. In the 8.30 night news last night, there was already 70 deaths reported. Not sure what's the latest count today.

I've never experience earthquakes before and it does seem a little scary. Let's just hope Malaysia will never experience such tragedy and pray that the quake marks the end of the string of disasters we've been experiencing of late.

Links to Yahoo! News. It reported that the quake hit up to a magnitude of 6.3 in the scales.

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Meeting up with a very old friends

Continuing from Miche's post (the one where she's booing herself but for what I reason I do not know of) on our gathering, yeah... we finally organised a simple gathering among us primary school friends. The group would have been bigger had I was able to get others along whom I still have contact with. For many various reasons, they could not join us. With some luck, hopefully, the crowd will grow bigger for the next gathering session.

And I guess the timing wasn't right. If I'd arranged it to be at 11 instead of 10, then perhaps there would have been more coming (I became the organiser only because SOMEONE!!! wanted to meet up but wouldn't organise any *hint hint... who are??!! I wonder). Somemore said cannot be too late caused next day have to attend classes. Ended up she left early to watch movie with someone else (with another guy *wink)... ish ish ish... but understandable lar hor... that someone was more important than us *sob sob... hahaha... LMAO

Yeah... as she said... it's been 12 freaking years since I last saw her (except for her, I've met up with the rest before). I last saw her during the last day of Standard 6. OMG, time sure flies. Couldn't really believe that we're all reaching our mid-20s already. I sure missed our good old days when school was all about meeting up with friends... it was sure fun. So Miche, it's wonderful seeing you again.