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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

End of the road, but hopped onto another..

Yea, today's my last day here in FBIC. I left sooner than expected when another much better offer came along.

3 person left at the same time, including myself, making it 5 this month. Yesterday, the whole company, of those whose present in the office yesterday, had farewell lunch together at Uncle Chilis, Amcorp Mall.

I initially planned to work here for at least 3 years but for the past 2 years, I've turned down numerous calls for interviews and declined many resume request from Jobstreets because I was eager to complete what I planned.

That was until one company requested my resume twice. Then the next thing I knew, I started attending interviews. This company that initially requested me didn't turn out well, maybe because my pay demand was too high for them, or they found me not suitable for their position on offer.

But doubled as a recruitment agency serving only business partners, my resume was also forwarded to their business partners, and T-SYS came into the picture. The interview went ok, but was surprised that they offer me a position that very same day.

One barrier was the pay they offered was too far off from my expected salary. True they're a very good company, so I've heard from many of my ex-colleagues currently in there. Also, their line of business wasn't something I'm really keen on.

Having slowly gaining my establishment on ERP, I'm not really willing to start over with their credit card systems. So I declined them, after spending some days thinking.

Not a while later, got a sudden e-mail from Western Digital for an interview. Surprised as I have not applied for any position with them, I went on with the interview nonetheless, and soon found out it was for the Dynamics AX position I applied with another company. Turns out, that company too is an agency.

Things turns out pretty well. I got an offer, and still successfully negotiated for an additional RM100. Maybe I should have tried at RM200 instead... hahaha.

In joining WD, I would have 2 concerns at the moment. Firstly, I'm just a contractor, meaning, I'm hired by the agency but outsourced to WD. So should anything happens, I'll most likely to be the first to go.

Secondly, the AX project will not begin so soon. Yet they need me eagerly for their HR project. Supposed AX failed to take off, I may need to rethink my options, something which I do not want to see happen, for at least so soon in a new company.

Oh well... will just need to wait and see. Haha...

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