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Monday, July 30, 2007

Authentic Kelantan food

Yesterday, for the first time ever, had a taste of an authentic Kelantan food cooked by my uncle (mom's cousin) who came down from Kelantan for a holiday. If not mistaken, I think it's called 'kau-jam'. I really have to ask my mom that about that. Anyway, the rice is in green after it's been soaked with some veggies and soup.

The rice itself is tasteless. You have to add the side dishes like cucumber, bean curds sprouts, coconut flesh, fish, long beans and some other raw edible vegetables. The most important 'ingredient' is of course, 'budu', a type of 'kicap' found only in Kelantan.

Sadly, I forgot my camera :( So no photos to show. I must really remember to bring my camera around.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Met with an accident

Yeah... it was an accident, no it has nothing to do with vehicles. Last night was quite an unforgettable night. Me and my colleagues had a game of squash. It'll be permanently in the sport club's weekly activity.

We had two 'casualties' last night, starting with me. I slipped, slided my left knee on the floor until I knock my forehead onto the wall. And in the process, I hit my upper left knee with the racket. The slide also gave my huge scratch on my skin right on my knee cap. But I was lucky to walk out of the court without any blood. I think I hurt my left arm too.

The other person got smashed the ball right on her right cheek. But she only had a minor knock. I now have 2 bruises and a scratch. It's gonna take some time to heal I presume.

And last night, we actually damaged 2 balls and lost 1. This one flew right out of the window. We also had numerous times the ball was hit out of the court. How was that possible? I really don't know. I could never hit the ball that hard till it flies out of the court.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

A bachelor no more

No, that's not me. I don't think I'll end my bachelorhood, or even my singlehood anytime soon. Anyway, was at Dewan Guthrie last weekend afternoon to attend an ex-schoolmate of mine's wedding. Don't have the pictures yet, but will try upload them soon. Was kinda looking forward to meet the 'long lost' friends.... hahaha :D

Among the BB circle of friends, he was the first but not among the ones I know/knew. This 'award' actually went to a guy I knew from primary school. Not sure if it was a coincidence, but both were Malays. Hahaha.... I guess for a Chinese to get married at my age, something 'big' must'd happened.

Saw a couple of ex-BBians that day as well. But after makan all left. That was of course, after the group photos with the bride and groom.

At first thought of going to Bon Odori as well since it was nearby. But with such afternoon heat even when it's already near 5pm, no one had the mood. Went back to PJ for another short drink before we all called it a day.

PS: I learnt never to let my brother be my navigator when I drive even when he has a map with him. With the map clearly indicating the directions, he actually made me drive along the longest path shown, instead of the shortest ..... gggrrrhhhh!!!!! And it's almost half the journey longer :(

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

On Duty

*sob sob... today on support duty... cannot join others for lunch... need to go an hour later :D

hahaha... talking about a whining boy... just felt like posting something since I've not written anything for the past 2-3 weeks. gosh... this blog is almost as good as dead... need to start looking for topics to post... hhmmm *deep thinking