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Monday, February 26, 2007

CNY: my side of the story

Ok... so it's now back to work for me. After a week long 'break'... literally... going back into the reality of work can be a little harsh. This was made worst by the fact that my week long break from work was hardly felt as a break. I was just away from office doing something else. Yes, I was away from office and no I was not enjoying myself as it should be.

So how did my holiday go? Busy and tiring. Since the 1st day of CNY (18/02/2007) I was already out performing shows. Never before had I left home on the 1st day of CNY. I'd always stayed home and would only join the team on the 2nd day of CNY but because the team needed help, so I made a change instead. 1st day was only house performances.

The same night I went up to Genting for another show the next day. So, comes 2nd day of CNY (19/02/2007). We had to perform in 108 shops all around First World Plaza and Genting Theme Park. Spliting ourselves into 3 teams, I had to lead one team. My team performed at 34 shops... all at First World Plaza. It lasted the whole day and by the time we're done, all we could think of was food and sleep. Funny, this was also the first year we actually managed to break for lunch. In the past, we always skipped lunch for the day.

The next day, I was back in KL. Again... performances. Performed all over Klang Valley and it lasted till yesterday, the 8th day of CNY (25/02/2007). Well, initially I wanted out yesterday hoping to get a good rest before I return to work today. But at approximately 8.15am, my 'sifu' messaged me asking if I can join them because he really needed people to help him. So being the nice me as I've always been, I immediately got myself prepared and rushed to join the team.

Sigh, there goes the day's rest. Fortunately, he let me off early so the rest who stayed behind has to work more in my absense and I got home before dinner.

The result of not having enough rest... I was freaking sleepy and tired today afternoon after lunch even though I had the whole night of rest. So there you have it, my CNY story for the year.

Additions: I was also getting hallucinations throughout the week... :0( Hallucinations on the lion dance drums. I sleep I hear drums, I pee I head drums, the wind blew I hear drums, I eat I hear drums and all these points to one thing and one thing only... I've got too much lion dancing already. Man, I sure need a break.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

It's the time of the year again for the Chinese of all around the world. This year would be extra 'special' as it is my year.... yes, the Year of the Pig. Wishing all of you a wonderful, prosperous, healthy Chinese New Year. Live your life to the max, ok?


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sejarah Diri dan Keluarga

Did some room-cleaning recently and found one of my sister's Form 1 History project she did back in 1991. It was titled "Sejarah Diri dan Keluarga". So naturally she would have written things about the family. There was of course a family tree, simple details of my grandparents, my parents, my brother and I and things about herself. After looking through it, I found some interesting photos and thus, scanned a copy of it.

My grandparents taken during my grandmother's 80th birthday in 1983. Not sure of the exact date but I think I wasn't born yet then. That's why you don't see me in the picture. She passed away 2 years later while my grandfather passed away when I was 12.

And the picture of my brother and I taken when we were 3 months old. I'm not sure who's who in the picture but I'm guessing that I'm the one on the right since he look a little smaller (I've always been the smaller one in size).