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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Gosh!!! This is so overdue.

Anyway, just some photos to show.

1)Chendor Beach, the place where we camped in our first night.

2) Panorama Hill, Sg. Lembing. Can't believed we actually climb that many steps up to reach the top to see the sunrise.

3) Sg. Pandan Waterfall, Kuantan. Water's a little murky. But it's still a very nice place to visit. When I went, it was kinda crowded, with a few campers spending the night there.

4) Rainbow Waterfall, Sg. Lembing. The main purpose of this trip. It's around 20-stories high. The waterfall is so high and strong that by the time the water actually reaches the bottom, it forms quite a heavy rain that falls both diagonally and horizontally. The area would always be wet, so whenever the sun shines over the fall, rainbows are sure to form, hence living up to it's name, Rainbow Waterfall.

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