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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lessons when buying a present

I've always knew that I'm never good at choosing presents. That is why, whenever possible, I would get my friends who has better taste to buy and I would share the presents.

But today, I had to go hunting for a present myself for my colleague's daugther's 1st birthday next weekend which I won't be attending, but still bought a present for her nevertheless.

These days, the presents do not come with any boxes. This means you'll have to buy the present separately.

Having chosen a present (a star-shaped baby pillow), I didn't buy it immediately but instead, walked around to find a matching box, because the same shop's boxes was kind of expensive. It was almost the same price as the present I had chosen.

Hence, I went box hunting first, keeping the looks and size of the present in my memory. BAD MOVE!!!!

So when I went around, I found one I thought fits. The box was packed in a packet but I thought it would fit the present, based on the sample I saw. Wonderful, now that I've already bought the box, I can go back to the earlier shop for the present.

When I looked at the present again, I still thought it fits. So I didn't test it out but to proceed with my purchase and head home.

When I reach home to pack the present... here's were the nightmare began. It almost fitted. I tried squeezing them but to no avail. The cover just won't close. So no choice. Have to just give the present without the box. Unless I go and buy another. Either way, I'm left with an extra box at home now.

The present I chose comes in 2 sizes, and I chose the bigger one. Had I had chosen the smaller one, it would no doubt fit in without even squeezing it a little. Sigh!!!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS

Attended my first ever orchestra concert held in the Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS, KLCC.

Last night's concert was known was Chamber Concert but I wonder what that means.

There was 2 groups of performers. The first group consist of 3 violinist and 1 cellist, of which 2 of the violinist are Asian girls while the other 2 are white men.

The music choice of the night was the slow and a little gentle type, the type which can easily put you to sleep if you got yourself too comfortable and the pieces has lots of repetitive scores, which can be boring at times.

But the back rest is a little hard for comfort and to low that it you can't rest your neck. I guess they want to ensure that you won't fall asleep during the performances.

But I would thoroughly enjoyed even more had there's been a glass of drink, preferbly wine or liqour, and a sofa for me to lie on. And that would have been total enjoying of life. Hahaha...

Perhaps I might consider creating a sound-prove music room when I have my own house in the future.

Back on the performance, I can't help but to notice one of the girls playing the violin. I thought she has much more body movement compared to the rest which I thought was a little exaggerated. But nonetheless, this was quite a good group.

The 2nd group played a more hyper form of musics but I still can't help but to wonder who could a person could actually sleep through their performance, which some guy behind me did. He even started to snore a little.

I thought this group was a little unprofessional at the start of their show for fine-tuning their instruments just before they play, right on stage. This group has got a Chinese girl playing the grand piano and 4 other white men, 3 of which played the violin while the other white man played the cello.

Overall this group was better but one of the violinist had at times, played the violin out of tune.
But for the RM10 ticket, you kind of expect that this isn't the best group of musicians the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra has to offer.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

School Song

Just read my friend's blog and it was so happen a long delayed post about her gathering with her primary school friends and she posted our school song (we were from the same primary school but she's way my senior).

I then become 'semangat' to post my BB school song.
So here it is, the English version:

B-B-B-S ever,
We would pledge to thee,
All our high endeavour,
With all our loyalty,
May thy star grow brighter,
May thy fame increase,
May this glorious chorus never never cease,

Here we strive for honour,
Here we seek for truth,
Learn to help the weaker,
With the strength of our youth,
Of the highest wisdom,
Let our watch-word be,
Without God before us all is vanity.

I think I'll just skip the Malay version... haha
This post can perhaps be considered a continuation of this post - BB is 50.

And since the primary school lyrics was already posted, I'll just link this to her site.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

To the couples, Happy Valentine's Day, hope you'll have an excellent romantic day today.

To the singles, hope you'll find your soul-mate, life partner or your other half soon.


The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Nope this is not a review of the movie. Just that this was the movie I watched last night.

It was a rather good and entertaining movie that you should go watch if you have the chance.

Lots of meaningful quotes and there was one I particularly remember and it goes roughly like:

"We're meant to loss the people we care and love, for that's the only way God reminds us to appreciate the people around us."

I can't remember the exact quote, but that was what they meant to say. To always love and appreciate the people around us.

This was quoted during the scene where Benjamin was getting a haircut from an old lady.

So I guess that means less argument with my brother XD

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Happy Chap Goh Meh

Today marks the 15th day of CNY, the last day of the celebration, and in about an hours time, all will come to and end. We will then have to wait for another year before the next celebration comes along.

This year, the year of the Ox brings quite a lot of uncertainty. But hopefully, things will all turn out well for everyone, if not great.

Really wondered what the year has been installed for me.

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Chicken Frosts & Lotus Paste Biscuit (莲蓉鸡丝饼)

Thanks Candiman for getting me the biscuits from Ipoh!!
For more details about this biscuit, just surf to Candidman's blog.

He got it from here:

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Killing something

Was at the market in Petaling Street this morning with my aunt who wanted to buy some fish.

She said the fishes here are fresher here because they're killed upon purchase. And so there I was, watching those poor, harmless, defendless fishes being killed right in front of my very eyes.

A few years ago I watched a clip of a mans beheading by some Islamic terrorist. The man, if I remembered correctly, was a journalist on duty somewhere in the Middle East. Watching that clip made me surreal.

I felt a little sick watching someone, lifting a person's bodiless head into the air, shouting of joy.

But this morning, I watched the fishmonger knocking the head of the fish, butchered though it was still breathing. You could see the fins still moving as its internal organs were being removed. I watched as if it was a TV show.

And that got me thinking... how come I did not feel anything.

Was it because we're so used to eating all other animals like fishes, chickens, pigs etc and that killing it means nothing anymore?

Or was it because watching someone killing its own kind is inhuman but killing another species is ok due to the need for survival. I mean, these animals are, after all, food to us... our source of fulfilling ourselves from hunger, a mean to continue on living.

And that us humans eating animals are acceptable, but when animals eat humans, these animals are to be 'destroyed'. Are we humans actually that great?

Fortunely, cannibalism is something unacceptable, and is infact, a crime. Otherwise, when us humans are being eaten by another human, it'll be a greater war, worst than the on-going Gaza war in the Palestine.

Just my thoughts!!!


Thursday, February 05, 2009

When you keep saying...

Something to ponder...


Sunday, February 01, 2009

Interesting facts

Came across an article on sleep disturbance and it gave various points.

At one of those points, it says:

The couple next door is copulating—loudly.
Take matters into your own hands—literally. Masturbation is a great stress reliever, says Mark Schwartz, director of the Masters and Johnson Institute. At orgasm, your brain releases chemicals that help you relax.

So conclusion?

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