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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Aiyak... kena bombed

Ok, got a red bomb last night...

no, that's so wrong. Rather, it's a yellow bomb (or more like peach bomb), 'cos it's gonna be a church wedding and the envelope is in a light peachy colour.

She's one of my diploma friends.

Yeah, so, she's actually gonna be the first among my close friends. Still wondering what kind of gifts to get her.

Somehow, this mades me feel like we've reached the next stage in life. A stage where, friends' are settling down, getting married and have kids, while those who used to be ilding around are finally getting serious about life.

Insurance and investments are also a common topic these days, while to the guys, it used to be games, games, games and games. Some still do btw. Last night, all the guys (except me), were talking about a new computer games which I've not even heard of.

When it comes to computer games, I'm so left out.

Anyway, I'm also hearing some are already looking for a house while some has even already gotten a house, when, it used to be cars... and maybe holiday destination?

Place to hang out? Movies?

Well, it's the usual pattern. First, after graduate, work. Then buy a car. After a car, get a house.

Most of us goes through that pattern, including me. The luckier ones would already have a car being provided at home. So, they only need to get a house.

And to think that my mom the other day said that she wished that my sister, brother and I, could get a house/condo each side by side in a stretch... yeah, dream on.

It's gonna take a while since I can't afford a house of my own yet. And also, I'm not so into that idea as well. They'll sure to KPC at you at whatever I'm doing at home... may be a little less privacy there as well.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

End of the Beijing 2008

Yeah, so it's all over now. The summer olympics were closed in quite a colourful performance in the Bird's Nest Stadium. But with the olympics coming to an end, there's nothing to look forward to anymore, be it on the news, highlights, or even chit-chatting with colleagues about the events, results etc.

This is, of course, until the next sporting event comes along. EPL is by the way, back!!!

Watched the closing ceremony last night on TV2. My my, a mere disappointment. Late broadcast, TV commercials everynow and then, TV transmission interruptions etc.

How I wished I could have a better viewing of events such as this.

I guess I'll have to look it up on the internet for the closing clips.

Candidman, the opening you gave me is kinda incomplete. It ended just before the athletes march. Do you a more complete one? One that last until the end...???!!

And will you be looking for the closing as well??
Just pass it to my brother if you can find them.


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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bloody programming...!!!

What the hell!!!

1234.56 + 4567.89 of type double gives you 5802.45000007


1234.56 + 4567.89 of type decimal gives you the accurate 5802.45

What the hell is happening??!!!

How can I be getting such results...
How can I return such calculation results to the users??!!!

Sure will kena tiu kaw kaw wan!!!

From now on cannot use double... must only use decimal.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

BB is 50

Yupz.. my secondary school, Bukit Bintang Boys' Secondary School (BBBSS), is celebrating its Golden Jubilee this year. And last Sat (Aug 16, 2008) was the anniversary dinner held at the Tropicana Golf and Country Resort to celebrate the occasion.

The Star article about the anniversary dinner.

Guest-of-honour was Dr. Alastair L. McGregor of Scotland, the school's first principal. The 2nd principal, Mr. David Boler (also from UK, can't remember if he's Engilsh or Scottish) unfortunately passed away just few months back.

I did not see the 3rd principal, Mr. Oh Kung Lam and the 4th, Pn. Ishah Sulaiman attending the ceremony but saw the 5th and current principal, Madam Quah Mooi Eng for the first time.

Saw many of my ex-teachers. All recognises me, some could even recall my name (though mostly partially) after some thoughts, but most were not around. Wonder if they're still teaching in BB.

The teachers could not believed that I left school 8 years ago. They thought I was still studying. They said I still looked the same... which means I'm still the young boy in their eyes. How depressing :(

All in all, I thought the occasion wasn't that grand despite being a golden jubilee celebration. After 50 years, with tens of thousands of students graduated, only around 500 people attended the dinner.

From the class of 2000, only 4 turned up. And that includes my brother and I. Was really looking forward to meet up more, especially those I've kind of lost contact with. Rather disappointed with the turn out actually.

Otherwise, it would have been more fun attending the event.

Wikipedia on BB.

"Nisi Dominus Frustra"
"Without God All Is Vanity"

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

14th day of the 7th month

Didn't actually realised it until I heard a colleague talking about it. Today is, in Chines Lunar calendar, the 14th day of the 7th month.

And what day is it?

It's the Hungry Ghost Festival, where according to the Chinese believes, it's the day where the souls and spirits are allowed to come out from the lower realm to roam earth.

Found some interesting facts when reading wikipedia. According to it, it's also a day where our deceased ancestors would pay us a visit.

hhmmm.... I never knew that.

Anyway, the older generations always advised us to stay indoor in these days fearing that we might 'bump' into one of 'them'. True or not, don't bother. Just listen to them... just stay at home tonight.

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Friday, August 08, 2008


The day is here! The time is tonight! The opening to Beijing 2008 Olympics will be here in a matter of hours.

I'm anxious! I'm excited! and I'm getting impatient...!!! I don't wanna miss the opening, for sure.

But will I be home by 7pm tonight? Will it be shown on public TV or would I need Astro? Will I actually miss the chance to see China showing off???!!! After all, it is their pride.

So I'm very sure they'll make the opening ceremony truly unforgettable, in everyway. Full of colours, full of people, full of displays and full of crops..!!!

and I... need to get back to work :(

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