In Chun Eng's words...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

On Holiday...

Yaye... I can finally enjoy my leave after postponing it for 2 months already due to work. Now, I got 2 days leave (today and tommorrow : 27-28 April 2006). Hahaha...!!!!

And with the weekends and Labour Day after that... it becomes 5 days off for me.... wah liau... so boring at home. But then, will be stationed at Putrajaya for at least 1 week to be on standby because our system just got launched. Darn.... so far....

Monday, April 17, 2006

Work, work, work... and more work

Work has really taken over my life now. It's been a 7-day a week work during the whole of March till early April because we had to rush to complete Phase 1 of the project and we were only given slightly over a month to complete it. Fortunately, there's some delay over at the user side, so we have some 'extension' to it. Now, my office is officially my first home, and my house, my 2nd. There was even once I've stayed overnight in my office to rush for the internal testing.

Last week we had the UAT (User Acceptance Test) . For those who do not know, it's where the users give their feedback on the system. Being a MOSTI (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation) project, UAT was held at MMU since it's in Cyberjaya, near Putrajaya. Even before that, I've been going to Putrajaya very often for meetings. And even more meetings in my office. So for 2 days we had to travel all the way there for the test, and come back to the office in the evening for debugging and some minor cosmetic changes. Right after the UAT, I could really feel the burden and pressure off my shoulders. Though there wasn't much pressure in the project. Just time management.

Though with all the hard work, it's a great satisfaction to see users using the system you've built. Moreover when they don't have big complains about the system. Yes, users complain alot and just about anything they can see. Even a fullstop (.) was asked to be removed because they didn't like the sight.... and many many more minor cosmetic stuff they're more concerned of. Thankfully, my life is slowly but surely going back to normal.... until the next project comes along of course. Then there's Phase 2 and 3 to deal with as well.