In Chun Eng's words...

Monday, May 30, 2005

Graduation Day

Hip hip...hooray!!!!
At last, the day has come and it's now gone forever. It was held at Renaissance Hotel last Sunday, May 29th, 2005. Had a great day that day, taking lots of pictures and chit chatting with frens. Really felt like a celebratie with so many ppl taking your picture, I had to pose for so so long. It was tiring, but it was worth the experience. I may never experience it anymore.

The only down side that day was the long speech and the even longer wait for the ceremony to be over. Believe me, it's boring. You go up the stage for 3 seconds, but had to wait for almost 2 hours at your seat. I really felt like sleeping ...but then, that won't be nice, would it?

I reach the Hotel about 11am that morning hoping to catch up with some frens first. But everyone was like a lost soul, wandering around, esp. when looking for the photo booth. Could not decide which package to take. I wanted the group photo with only my individual studio photo, but nope, I can't mix and match them. So I ended up taking two packages, A & C. Cost me RM 100 for both.

Then I went to the grand ballroom hunting for my frens. Saw them and went around taking photos together. Weng Chye nearly lost his mortar board. Billy mistaking it as his, not realizing his was in his bag. Poor Weng Chye had to go around panicking. But at last, it was found.

Soon, the events was about to begin. Graduates had to go into the ballroom for a group photo. I stood on a 2 layer chair, I think I was at the 3rd row. It wasn't stable and makes my leg shaking. Stood there for god knows how long for the group photo. But well, it's once in a life time. So I wouldn't want to complain much. Hehehe.

Then, we went out so the workers can rearrange the seats. I wonder how dirty will my seat be knowing someone may have very well stepped on it. Soon,we're asked to take out seats and again waited for the VIPs to come in. Funny how those gowns can make us look. A friend beside me said the Deans, Profs and Doctorates looked like pastors due to the red gown. But I couldn't be least bothered.

2 'ang mor' made their speech before the presentation of the scroll. Well, to my suprised, the whole thing ended up pretty early. So we graduates made our way out of the hall. I was caught in surprised seeing the VIP, lecturers etc forming a guard of honour. But the only person I was looking forward to meet was Dr. Andy, my FYP supervisor. Wanted to take a photo with him, but I missed the chance.

We made our way towards the refreshments at the foyer. It was so damn packed with hungry souls. Well, it was the moment most ppl was waiting for. I was very tired and lost all my appetite. But I still ate a little, but even so, my frens and I were just too busy taking photos. It may be the last time we actually get to meet some of them as we move on with our lifes.

I guess that's all that I can comment about the event. Will post up some photos when it's ready. One comment before I sign off....who actually invented these things like gowns, mortar boards and hood. It feels ridiculous wearing it..because it's not at all comfortable to wear. And why are graduates wearing a square hat and those academic 'masters' wearing a round one? I really hope to know the answer. Cheers!!!!