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Friday, May 12, 2006

Jungle Trekking cum Hiking trip

It's been ages since I last went into the jungle. It's always good to visit Mother Nature every once in a while so I joined my colleagues for a jungle trekking trip to Bukit Cheras on Sunday, May 7th, 2006; or so I thought. It was more of a hiking trip instead and an estimated 1 hour trip was stretched to over 2 hours.

the partial familyIt would have been a relatively easy trek if not for the heavy rain the night before. The whole jungle is filled with mud and it was so slippery. It was divided into 5 stations until it's peak.

After reaching the 1st station, we went a little berzerk... hence the expression in the photo. There were 7 people who made the trip. But 2 person was missing from the photo (above).... one is the cameraman and the other one is somewhere..... vomitting..... LOL

the bigger familyAnother group photo. Soon, many of these faces are not be around anymore because they've left..... gonna miss these jokers..... :o(

And finally, the finishing er... line.. which marks the end of the trip. It's a sad thing that the rest of my colleagues did not make the trip. One I know, could not wake up and some could not... ahem... take the 'challenge'. Otherwise, this would have been a nice department outing.

only me..Do I look cool? :P

the whole family

Right: the whole family at the peak. Man... I looked so blur and so 'kayu'

An eventful Saturday nite??? Maybe...

Met with an ex-collegemate, Wai Liong who took me to an Auto Fiesta, a mini-scaled night motor show held in Metropolitan College last Saturday (May 6th, 2006). It was my first time attending such event but according to Wai Liong, it's pretty boring if compared to those managed by professionals. This event was organised by students, so naturally the focus and concept won't be the same. But all we see are just cars with weird looking designs and deafening speakers. Some exhibitors are from the industry while some are personal collections.

After dinner at Asia Cafe, we went to Pyramid, supposedly to meet another friend of Wai Liong's to yam char. We soon realised that there was an Ice Hockey tournament going-on, known as the World Ice Hockey 5s. It's the first time I saw ice hockey being played. Seems pretty interesting watching them for the first time and it's just like what you would see on TV. It's as difficult, as dangerous and a bit violent I would say when the players fights for the puck (the black flat piece of chip they hit with their stick). We left by midnight because I had to rest for a jungle trekking trip the next morning.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Life In Putrajaya = NO LIFE

The title explains it all... life working in Putrajaya is like the equation of:

Dim LifeInPutrajaya As String = "No Life"

Basically, the contribution to this factor is the food and the environment. I've been placed in Putrajaya for the past 2 weeks, doing support work for the client after our system has gone live. Work is fine eventhough I've been sitting the freezing server room for the 2 whole weeks and the people working there is ok. The only problem is the food. Yes... it's F-O-O-D!!!.

There's little choice of food in that area. The cafeteria near my work place only has little stalls to choose from. Furthermore, it isn't nice at all. If it's good, I won't mind paying the amount but putting into the consideration of their taste and quality... it's clearly been overcharged. The nicest place I went to is a food court near the mosque. Besides that franchise food stalls available like Nando's, San Francisco etc, the rest isn't that nice either, but better than from the cafeteria. Imagine, a mamak style Indian stall cooking fried rice... it isn't so bad until you eat it. I was basically biting salt more than the rice. It was that salty. And yes, it's just that bad.

The 2 cowboy posersThe only nice thing is that there are long lunch breaks on Friday. More than 2 hours actually. So we took a little tour around Putrajaya, mostly around the Putrajaya Mosque.

Left photo: Me with my SA at the lake side, outside the food court. He likes to pose, so I just joined in.

2 Sesat posersRight photo: Me and another colleague trying to imitate the pose of the picture behind. Notice the paintings on the wall? Dunno where I sesat until leh??!!!

I will still be at Putrajaya for the next few weeks but not everyday of course.